Performers from Unity Fall Festival 2017

Phin X, CAHA Chair (left) and Ann Gonzales, Stage Manager (right)

Project Details

Client: Charlotte Asian Heritage Association (CAHA)

Role:  Photographer, Graphic Designer, Marketing Coordinator (2017), Marketing Coordinator & Stage Manager (2016)

Skills: Event Organization, Stage Management, Graphic Design, Social Media Management

Date: 2016-2017

Project Information

The Unity Fall Festival is annual festival hosted by the Charlotte Asian Heritage Association (CAHA) dazzling the Charlotte community with cultural performances and vendor booths from Asia, Africa, and a multitude of other countries.

In 2016, I assisted with event organization, stage management, and assisted with marketing by creating flyers and setting up the Unity Fall Festival Facebook Page. For 2017, I reprised my role in marketing and graphic designing, as well as worked as the photographer during the event.